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Vicky Firestone

The artwork of Vicky Firestone
The Artwork of Vicky Firestone

Word from the Artist

As a very young child I  always enjoyed copying from life in any art form.  Burnt wood twigs to make charcoal were my tools to sketch, crushed flowers and plants were my colors.  I  remember using mud to sculpt and create interesting objects. As I matured, I began to realize I had been given a special gift, much of which I inherited from my grandfather and my father, both of whom were talented artists. I later learned to appreciate the works of great  artists such as Michelangelo, Renoir and Van Gogh,  even as my art  remains in the  ‘Realism’ style,  which represents life accurately, true, honest and devoid of distortion and chaos.  My past and present, the beauty that surrounds me and these great artists gave me the magic to capture life, a magic I have learned to appreciate and use, to share my visions artistically.

I feel very blessed to have been given a special gift…and I am now excited  to share it with the world… to all of you.